Genetic is an independent Indian owned company, based out in Gujrat India. One of the most established, generally regarded and confided in pharmaceutical organizations in India.

Genetic is trusted innovation, Manufacturer & Exporter of Pharmaceutical Products. Genetic operates by a code of conduct underscored by three tenets: integrity, quality and innovation. With these guiding principles, our mission is to be your manufacturing partner of choice.

Genetic has become one of India’s leading high-quality Manufacturer & Exporter of Pharmaceutical Products. We deliver solutions from concept to shelf to help companies of all sizes meet their development and manufacturing needs at any stage or scale. We provide a combination of unparalleled best-in-class quality, reliability and compliance.

Having built a reputation for excellence in quality, operational reliability, integrity and innovation of products and services, Genetic is well positioned to deliver meaningful and sustainable long-term value for our partners around the world.

Core values
  • Genetic activities are focused on patients, healthcare professionals and clients. we prioritized to deliver full value to our clients and partners by providing additional valuable services . Just selling a product is not enough. At Genetic , we help realize the value of a product through our services.
  • In all our activities we are dedicated to the highest ethical and moral standards.. When it comes to our services, we accept as true with in synergy between our employer and our clients, our partners, our suppliers and our employees. We deliver great products thru cost powerful methods, for this reason creating self assurance in our name. Our employees take ownership and pride in the hard work that helps to create each and every product and service.
  • We value employees who broaden profound understanding and huge perspectives and pursue innovation and challenges without fear of failure. Our team members develops sturdy feel of ownership, responsibility, integrity, loyalty, commitment, person initiative and team spirit. Wherever we operate we understand our clients and respect their cultures and behave as a proper corporate citizens. At Genetic our work environment is conducive to learning, teamwork, excellence, innovation, quality and advancement. At Genetic, everything we do is centered on the concepts of excellence, synergy and value adding.
  • We enforce an open and energetic corporate culture that respects individuality, potential and teamwork.
  • We care about the global environment.